Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday's story ideas

Explore the financial markets and the effect of the rate cuts.

Speaking of cutbacks, what will consumers cut? Four dollar lattes? Hundred dollar sneakers for kids?

Researchers link diet soda to diabetes. Do people eat more sweets thinking they're saving calories on soda?

Less than one percent of plastic grocery bags are recycled. And more stores & states are going to start banning them.

New York City will now require chain restaurants to post calories on their menus. Will this be a trend and how would restaurant patrons feel about it?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday's story ideas

Fed makes surprise rate cut. Will rates go low enough that you should consider refinancing your mortgage?

Can caffeine cause miscarriages? A new study shows coffee may have an effect.

Super bowl tickets. There are numerous places online to get them but how do you know if they're legit and not counterfeit?

Nearly half of all voting Americans say they haven't heard a speech or watched a debate for this presidential cycle. Is apathy at an all time high?

Does the average business in your market recycle? Find a "green company."

Class action suit against a diamond company means you could get a refund for rocks bought as far back as 1996. (Can you see the guys who bought engagement rings frantically looking for receipts?)

Unplugging stuff around the house. You can knock 5 percent off your electric bill just by unplugging things not in use, like cell phone chargers, etc.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday's story ideas

What do people think of the Bush tax rebate plan? Would people put money into the economy or simply pay bills?

Automated political phone calls. What are the laws regarding them?

Frostbite. After watching Sunday's football game in Green Bay, I'm wondering what are the precautions that actually work? And what are the dangers?

New study shows heavy cell phone usage may be tied into insomnia and headaches.

Leash laws. Are unleashed dogs in your community wreaking havoc, and if so, what's being done about it?

How much can you legally donate to a political cause? And how do people hide their contributions by using PACs, or Political Action Committees?

Self-checkouts. I rarely see anyone use these lanes. Are they gaining in popularity or just a bad idea?