Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday's story ideas

Sorry about missing a post Wednesday morning, but the power was out...

Mixing meds. In light of what happened to Heath Ledger, what can people do to make sure they don't take prescriptions in the wrong combinations?

Economic stimulus plan blocked in Senate. How will this affect people who stood to benefit?

30 year mortgage rates drop under 6 percent. What's the formula to determine if you should refinance?

Banks are getting stuck as mortgage holders simply "walk away" from their homes. What does this do to someone's credit, and how do banks dispose of these properties?

Mobile banking via cell phone. Is it secure?

Check fraud on the rise. That Visa commercial might make for some good b-roll on this one.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday's story ideas

Super Tuesday. How's the turnout, last minute efforts, etc. And if you're not in a primary state, are the voters in your market feeling left out of the process?

Hidden cameras to get criminal confessions. Legal in your market?

Bush's budget and health care. What would changes mean? Personalize the story with someone on Medicare or Medicaid.

Teleconferencing. With travel becoming so expensive, are more companies turning to technology for meetings?

Effect of political ads on children. Talk to some kids in the first or second grade to get some fun opinions.

Monday, February 4, 2008

What you can learn from a fourth stringer

Unless you've been living under a rock or hate football, you've probably seen David Tyree's incredible catch in last night's Super Bowl. My wife, who watches the game for the commercials, asked if he was one of the Giants' stars. "No," I said, "he rarely plays on offense."

But on this one night the guy was ready when the stars aligned. Will you be?

Television news success stories are filled with tales of being in the right place at the right time. News Directors who happen to drive through a small market, check out the local news, and discover the next big star. Chance meetings on airplanes. Running into somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody.

The point is, you never know when your big opportunity will present itself. You might be the only reporter in the area when aliens land. (OK, that's a stretch.) You could knock out the one package that hits the network feed and sticks in somebody's mind.

And that's why you can never "phone it in." Because you never know.

Many reporters are surprised when they send a resume tape, then get a call from a ND who asks for their last five stories. News Directors want to see what your average day looks like.

Sure, creative people do get burned out, and some days can make you pull your hair out. But those pesky stars give no indication when they'll align. You never know when your story will make a first impression on someone who can change your career.

So give your best everyday, like David Tyree. And you'll be ready when the ball comes your way.

Monday's story ideas

Pollution can mean a dry weekend. Scientists think that particulates during the week can "seed" clouds and create more rain Monday thru Friday. Might make a nice sweeps feature for your meteorologist to check the stats in your market.

People who need extensive dental care are heading to Mexico. US dentists charge about four times as much.

Super Tuesday preview. What are the political organizations in your market doing for their last minute push?

Reminder: set up your Tuesday election night live shots today.

The price of love. Valentines Day is coming... what are flowers going to cost this year?

Speaking of which, what are some good valentine gifts for men?

And how 'bout those Giants!!!