Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mailbag: Snappy answers


Do I need a picture on my resume? I see some offers out there to put photos on my DVD along with my paper resume. Worth the money?

Nope. The only thing that gets you the job is what's on the tape, and we can see what you look like when we play it. No News Director ever said, "Well, she can't report a lick but sure had a nice DVD cover. Let's hire her!" Save your money.


Do I need a fancy slate on my resume tape? I see some people with flying boxes, music, and all sorts of bells and whistles.

Fuhgeddaboudit. Save the production value, bells and whistles for your packages. All you need on a slate is your name, address, current job and contact information. No News Director ever said, "Well, she can't report a lick but sure had great production values on her slate. Let's hire her!" (Hmmmm.... I'm getting a bit redundant here.)


Why are News Directors always in a bad mood?

Well, there are a lot of factors. If the ND is already a cylon, it's inbred. If the ND has no home life or a bad one, he or she can take out those frustrations on the staff.

Then there's pressure from the GM, corporate, the beancounters who question every little expense, and the constant parade of complaints from the staff.


Why are photogs often in a bad mood?

Because they're often smarter than the reporters for whom they shoot.


It's like I have to be a CIA operative around here and sneak around in the middle of the night to make a resume tape.

Why are small market managers so paranoid about people looking for jobs?

Because they're stuck in a small market and you're getting out.


Please twitter.

Please stop asking.


Just got my first job. What's the best thing I can do?

Act like you know nothing, be a sponge, and soak up everything you can.

Oh, and carry the tripod for the photog.

Hey Grape,

I love my job but don't make any money. Should I be worried?

Nah. If you love what you do chances are you'll be successful.

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