Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mailbag: Eavesdropping on resume tapes


You always talk about websites to watch other people's resume tapes. What are some of the links?

Well, there are lots of places to see how the rest of the world is doing. is a good one (just click on the "talent" section.) You can also visit the websites of agencies, (you'll find a list of those on as many post the work of their clients.

Remember, try to watch people who have more experience and are working in bigger markets or networks.

Also, if you note that some tapes on agent websites look a little sloppy with bad edits, that doesn't speak well of the agency. If I'm shopping a client, I want that person to look their absolute best. You may put your own resume tape together, but a good agent will fine tune it and/or clean up the mistakes.


I've been shopping for an agent and noticed they all seem to charge different rates. What gives?

Well, there's no regulatory commission that governs agents. Anyone can hang out a shingle (or a website) and claim to be an agent. You don't need any sort of license, or even experience in the business. I could do it if I wanted to.

As for rates, agents can charge whatever they want. What you need to know is that sometimes these rates are negotiable. All you have to do is ask. The other thing to ask an agent concerns the fee if you find a job on your own.

Hey Grape,

When you mentor someone, do you feel it is best to be brutally honest even if criticism is justified? My ND is pretty rough.

Well, there's a big difference between mentoring and criticism. Mentoring is effective if you start by building on the positive stuff and then offering suggestions to help the person work on the weak points. Some NDs simply focus on nothing but the bad points: you could have done 99 out of 100 things right, but all you'll hear are comments about that one thing you did wrong.

Am I brutally honest when I critique someone? Well, to a point. You're not going to improve if I play baby boomer parent and give you a ribbon for trying. But it's easier to build up than tear down, so I try to offer suggestions rather than criticism.

What amazes me is when I tell a woman she needs to do something about her hair or wardrobe, and I don't get death threats in the mail.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I hope this isn't wrong, but when the ND tosses tapes into the garbage late Friday afternoon and when I get return for my weekend shift... I watch every single one of them... weather/news/sports just to get an idea of how things look from the otherside.