Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mailbag: response times, help for producers, and your GPA


Is there some sort of time frame during which I should be hearing from a ND who has told me he is very interested? It's been two weeks since my last call and nothing since.

The answer to that question lies with that of the cure for the common cold and the final destination of socks that disappear in the dryer.

NDs are notorious for not calling when they say they will (just like single men). That doesn't mean the ND has lost interest. It's just that there's so much on a NDs plate that calls often get pushed to the back burner.

Of course there are NDs who love to play games to see how desperate you are, and hold out until you call. The result is a lower salary offer.

I once went on an interview on a Friday and was told since I was the last person to be interviewed I'd have an answer one way or another on Monday.

Four weeks later I got the job.

You offer a lot of advice to reporters, Is there any advice you can give to producers or at least point us to a good resource?

Well, I'm not sure if there's an "equivalent" blog or site targeted to producers. But you might check this out:


Okay, producers out there... any help?


I just graduated. Do I need to put my GPA on my resume? My grades weren't all that great, but spent a lot of time on internships and I've got a very good tape.

Well, this will make your day. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR GPA!

Your tape gets you the job. No one ever asked about my college grades (thank goodness) and I don't know a single ND who would. Can you imagine a ND saying, "Well, she can't report to save her life but she made the Dean's List. I'm gonna hire her."

You can all delete this tidbit from your resume.

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