Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mailbag: The reason for blind ads, paper resumes and sweeps ideas


I'm new to the job hunting scene. Can you please tell me the reason stations post blind ads? It would seem to me they'd be better off actually telling you where the job is.

Ah, Grasshopper, the blind ad is a subtle clue that can tell you a few things. Number one, the ND has gotten fed up posting "no phone calls" in regular job ads and still getting barraged with calls, so he's gone the blind ad route. "I'll fix those job-hunting ne'er-do-wells... they can't call me if they don't know where to call! Ha!"

Number two, the job may be in Palookaville, and if a regular ad told people to send tapes to Palookaville, people might wrinkle their noses and pass. But said job may offer a good working environment and photogs. So now people apply for the mystery job and get a call from the ND who has the opportunity to sell the station while downplaying the lifestyle of said Palookaville town.

Bottom line, you have nothing to lose applying to a blind ad, so take a shot. You can always say no if the situation is not to your liking.


I noticed one of my co-workers has had resumes printed up professionally on some really expensive paper. They look great. Am I at a disadvantage sending out stuff I've just printed on regular paper?

Just like sports teams can look good on paper but still lose games, the same is true of job applicants. You can send out resumes on heavy linen bond, have your photo printed on a DVD and mail the whole thing in a Tiffany's gift box and it still won't do a damn thing unless your tape is good.

One tip: remember not to leave your resume in the office copy machine. That's happened countless times at every station. To a lot of people. Including me.

Hey Grape,

We're supposed to submit sweeps ideas next week and I'm stuck. Any tips on where to look for them?

As we speak the Grape's staff is tirelessly compiling sweeps ideas for the November book, and these will be posted soon. In the meantime, you can focus your search in these areas:

-Things in your house that can kill you
-Things at work that can kill you
-Things on vacation that can kill you

The key is to make viewers so petrified with fear that they will encase themselves in a plastic bubble with a television set until the end of sweeps.


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