Monday, December 20, 2010

Mailbag: What are NDs looking for?


I'm totally puzzled. I've been looking for a job for nine months and have seen others move on, some with more talent than me, others with less. Sometimes the people who seem totally clueless get great jobs, and yet here I sit, still shopping. Can you tell me what in the world News Directors are looking for, because I can't figure it out?

Well, you're not alone in your confusion. I remember years ago the entire newsroom's jaw dropping when our weakest reporter scored a great job.

There's no common denominator. Over the years I've seen incredibly talented people go nowhere and others who are just ordinary zoom up the ladder. I know, it's not fair.

Every ND has personal preferences. Some want take no prisoners reporters, others want storytellers. Some want perfect looking people, others go for credibility. Some value great writing, others want pure personality. It's all a matter of taste, and there is no formula.

But keep pitching, and eventually you'll connect with the ND who is looking for what you've got. As long as you strive to improve and do a solid job, you'll improve your chances.

Hey Grape,

I know you're a sports fan, but please, enough of the sports metaphors, okay? I hate sports and every time you do this I have to look up stuff to know what you're talking about.

Sorry. I didn't mean to pull an end run on you.



Anonymous said...

Nonsense! Keep the sports analogies coming! You've got a good thing going, don't ruin it by playing prevent.

-The Grape said...

Right, when you play prevent you end up like the Giants.

I'm still sick over that game.