Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mailbag: the journalistic biological clock


I've been looking for my second job for almost a year and haven't had any luck. I'm worried that if I don't find something soon I'll be stuck here too long and then it will be even harder to get out. I'm almost 25 and others I know are already heading up the ladder.

What's a good timeline as to when you should be in your second job, third, etc.

Well, considering I've got neckties older than you, I feel qualified to answer this question.

There is no timeline as to your career, as every person is different. Every career is mutually exclusive. You don't have to be in a certain size market by a certain age.

What really matters is if you are getting better and not just treading water till the next job.

By the way, age means nothing. I got my first TV job at 28. I've got two clients who broke in after 30. So stop looking at the calendar.


Why do News Directors who say they're interested take forever to call you back?

Several possible answers;

a: they're rude

b: they're playing mind games with you

c: (the most likely) they've got a million other things to do

Be patient. If they want you, they'll call.


How much input does a Human Resources person have into hiring someone? I see lots of ads asking you to send your tapes to HR.

Really, none. HR people are basically beancounter types who simply keep records of who applies, who got interviewed, etc. Never direct your cover letter to the HR person, as it just gets passed on to the News Director. Always get the name of the ND and address the letter accordingly, even if you have to mail it to HR.

Hi Grape,

What's the most stuff you ever turned out in a day? Just curious.

During the 1988 Democratic and Republican National Conventions we cranked out three packages a day and a bunch of live shots. And hauling 3/4 equipment around the Omni and the Superdome wasn't easy.

We were exhausted, but it was a "good kind of tired."


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