Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mailbag: Oh, those official applications

Hi Grape,

I just got out of college and have been sending out tapes all over the place. I've gotten a few responses in the form of a job application. Does this mean they're interested when this happens?

Maybe yes, maybe no. In many cases companies have policies that require them to send out official applications to every single person that applies. So getting an application might not mean a thing.

But some companies only send them to people in whom they're interested.

So there's no way of knowing. Sorry that doesn't really answer your question. All you can do is fill out the applications and send them back.


New college grad here. I had what I thought was a good tape until I saw a few other rookie tapes online, and now I'm worried. My tape was shot with equipment that wasn't the best, and the lighting on our college set wasn't great either. Should I be worried?

Absolutely not. News Directors who hire entry level people are hiring potential. They are considering the content of your tape, and know that most college stations don't have state of the art gear. While great lighting can make you look a lot better, NDs understand the constraints you were under.

Dear Grape,

We have an open anchor position and I'd really like a shot at it, but I've heard my ND thinks I'm too valuable on the street as a reporter. I almost always get the lead story and have broken a lot of exclusives. Don't you think that merits a shot at the anchor desk?

Ah, you are the victim of your own competence. I've heard that argument before, and very often a News Director doesn't want to leave himself short in the field by putting all his talent on the desk. So even though you deserve a shot at the anchor desk, it might not make sense for the overall news product.

It would be like Peyton Manning going to his head coach and demanding to kick field goals. He may have earned the chance, but it wouldn't make sense.


How's the job market this summer? Better than in year's past?

Well, I've had a couple of clients get jobs this month and others about to go on interviews, so it does seem as things are moving along. As I've stated before, I think the business bottomed out two years ago and is making a comeback.

Meanwhile, those politicians running for President will start spending a ton of money soon on TV ads, and that will pump a lot of dough into stations. If only we had a big election every year.


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