Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mailbag: Walking standups and the sheer boredom of soccer


I'm a rookie and no matter what I do my attempts at walking standups never look right. I don't know if I'm walking too slow or what, but when I compare them to the network people there's a big difference. Can you offer some tips?

Well, walking standups are somewhat of an art, but there are some basics.

(And before I get started, all you people with the big "J" tattooed on your head who say, "A walking standup is nothing but a transparent attempt by the reporter to promote himself," just go away and keep working in public TV.)

-First, you need to be up to speed when you begin your standup. Don't start walking when you talk, start walking as you count down. So by the time you start talking you're already moving. Then when you edit the standup into your package, you're moving and it gives the standup more energy.

-Walk at a normal speed, or even a little faster. You have to show energy. Don't just amble...slowly...along.

-Rehearse what you're going to do with the photog. If you have to mark the spot where you're going to start and stop, do so.


I'm a new sports anchor and was wondering how much of the World Cup Soccer I should include in my sportscast.

Personally, I'd say none. I'm a big sports fan and couldn't care less. Neither could most of my sports fanatic friends. Nothing more riveting than a nothing-nothing tie, and as the old saying goes, "A tie is like kissing your sister." And bear in mind that although lots of kids play soccer, it's because parents want some way to get their kids to run around in circles and wear themselves out.

You can give it a mention, but I wouldn't devote a whole lot of time to it.

Hey Grape,

Why are sales people always hanging out in the newsroom?

Because they want you to do stories on their clients.


I'm a one man band. Where can I get some advice on lighting, as my packages always look either too dark or too bright.

You should spend some time with a photog. (And for you interns out there, you should REALLY spend time with photogs.) If there are no photogs around, check out b-roll.net. It's their electronic lounge and filled with helpful guys.


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