Friday, December 2, 2011

Covering the second coming

Years ago we had a News Director who would get extremely excited when assigning a "nothing" story. He'd act as if we should call the network when the story was actually nothing more than a time-filler. We used to joke when we'd get an assignment like this, saying, "You'd think we're heading out to cover the second coming." That reference is, of course, to the return of Jesus to this planet. Which would, naturally, be the biggest story in the history of the news business.

So a while back this thought ran through my head. What would television news people do if we really did have to cover the second coming?

The answer is in my second novel. It's titled "The End" since it might be the end of the world...or it might not. In any event, you'll have to buy the book to find out how television news would cover the arrival of a messenger from heaven... and how judgment day would play out in high-definition via satellite. It's published under my pen name, Nick Harlow.

Right now it's available in the electronic version on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the iTunes bookstore, etc. for the whopping sum of $2.99. You can also download it to any computer if you don't have an e-reader by downloading the free app provided by the bookseller.

I hope you'll check it out or give it to someone for Christmas. Oh, same deal as before. Send me a receipt proving you've bought the book and I'll critique one story or anchor segment free.

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