Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mailbag: Raucus caucus


I'm so sick of talking about the Iowa primary, and I know none of our viewers (I'm not in Iowa) has any idea of what a caucus is. Any ideas on how to make this story more interesting?

Yeah. You kinda answered your own question. Why not do a package on how the caucus process works? Then your viewers will know what a caucus is. The rest of you dayside people might do that today as well.

Dear Grapevine,

Hope you had a good holiday. My ND mentioned that awards season is coming up and for us to start thinking about what we wanted to enter. I'm a rookie and have no idea what would stand a good chance of winning. Thoughts?

Well, first you must realize that in many cases these awards are judged without a whole lot of effort. That's why you often see stations promoting someone as "Best reporter in Podunk as voted by whoever!" when everyone in the market knows that reporter isn't very good.

I've entered stuff I thought was a stone cold lock to win and didn't get an honorable mention, and I've entered packages I just slammed together that won awards. On the times I've judged awards I liked stuff that was different and stood out from the crowd. Stories that make a difference can often jump the line to the top spot.

Hi Grape,

Predictions for 2012?

Sure, here you go:

-Stations will be flush with cash thanks to political advertising. Politicians spent four billion in 2010 and with the Presidential race this year, that number will be even higher. We may despise politicians, but they keep our business afloat.

-Talented young people will limited experience continue to make huge market jumps as my generation continues to bail on the business.

-Job applicants will still call News Directors even though the ad reads "no phone calls."

-The Mets will be awful.


Anonymous said...

Grape, it's not baseball season yet so focus on the positive- HOW ABOUT THOSE GIANTS!?! Bring on Atlanta!

-The Grape said...

Of course I'm excited about the Giants...on to the Super Bowl!

Just couldn't resist taking a shot at the Wilpons.