Saturday, September 21, 2013


If you've ever worked at a newspaper, you know what the number means.

It's the notation print reporters put at the end of their stories, signifying there's nothing else. The End.

Yes, after seven years and 1,329 posts, it's time to wrap things up here. I knew that keeping things going would be tough when I got a book deal for my novels, and I know I said I'd continue to post, but there were things I didn't anticipate.

I didn't realize book critics would want to interview me (there's a switch). I didn't realize I'd be invited to be a guest blogger. And then there was that social networking thing that I'm clueless about.

And, oh yeah, my contract says I have to write more novels.

But, fear not, the blog will not go away. I couldn't simply hit "delete" and wipe out what has become a sarcastic library of information about the television news business.

I also realize the time is right. In the past year I noticed I was repeating myself with posts. I'd start one and then stop, wondering if I'd covered the topic before. A quick search told me I had. This was happening more often, and I was running out of new things to talk about. You can only tell people "don't call a news director" so many times.

Anyway, I'll leave everything up so you guys can wander around. Between the blog and my Street Smarts books, you should be able to find the information you need. The email address,,  will also remain active if you have questions.

I'm still doing my network field producing and my mentoring business isn't going away, if you want to be a client. I still enjoy helping young journalists a great deal.

If you want to keep up with what I'm doing, you can drop by my author blog:

 The Channeling Author

It's been fun, and the nice notes I've received over the years were greatly appreciated. I hope in some small way I've helped people make their careers go a little smoother.

And if you take one thing away from this blog, take the golden rule:

"It is never the wrong time to do the right thing."


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Joey H said...

I certainly will miss your regular posts. It's a great resource for me as I teach young journalists.