Friday, July 7, 2017


I continue to be amazed at how thin-skinned some network reporters are these days. While their bias is so transparent you can read a newspaper through it, it boggles the mind that a few reporters are acting like precious snowflakes that need to be bubble-wrapped by a helicopter parent.

When I first got into the television business, my father, a true blue-eollar guy, told me I would need to develop "skin like an elephant." I soon realized he was right. If you're on camera, your appearance is often more important than your ability as a reporter, especially if you're a woman, so you're often criticized about how you look. We've all gotten nasty phone calls from the public, rude comments on the street from viewers, and death stares from politicians.

But every reporter knows that criticism is part of the deal and you don't fight back. Well, I thought every reporter knew that.

CNN, the once-proud network which has devolved into a hate-filled and biased broadcast, apparently has staffers whose egos are bruised as easily as a banana. The channel is becoming a national joke:

What's a CNN reporter's favorite wine?

Sean Spicer didn't call on me during the press briefing. Waaaaaa! 

By now you've all seen the wrestling meme with Trump clotheslining CNN (hanging them out to dry?). Personally, I thought it was pretty damn funny, which are what most memes are trying to be. But you'd think the video showed Trump beheading someone at CNN. (They would know about this. See: Griffin, Kathy)

Sure, we expected them to complain. But to actually have your investigative unit spend time and resources tracking down someone who created a funny video, well, that really speaks volumes. CNN has now regressed to acting like a bunch of six year olds at the playground. When they should have been like my dad when this happened to me.

Me: Daddy, the other kids made fun of me.
Dad: Screw 'em. 

Of course the worst part of what CNN did was the rather obvious threat at the end of their official statement, that they reserved the right to reveal the creator of the hurtful meme. This is sort of equivalent to a guy back in my old neighborhood saying, "You have a nice store. Be a shame if it ever burned down."

News flash: Most politicians hate reporters and always have. Trump is simply the first one who has really taken the fight to the media and in many ways exposed some of their bias and inaccurate reporting.

But no matter how much a politician hates you as a reporter, no matter how many slings and arrows come your way, you cannot respond. Because if you do, it becomes obvious that you have an opinion.

And that's something true journalists cannot have.

Grow up, CNN. 

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