Friday, August 11, 2017


Over the years I've met and interviewed a ton of famous people, and more often than not, they're different than what you see on TV. Jay Leno was kind of shy. Kenny Stabler was a news junkie. Donald Rumsfeld was funny as hell.

We've all noticed that most celebrities, especially those in the entertainment field, are very liberal. So a few months ago I decided to see what Hollywood types would actually have the requisite set of brass ones to speak out as a conservative. Seriously, it's pretty much career suicide if you're an actor who leans Republican and tells the world about it.

The two I came across who hold absolutely nothing back are actor James Woods and TV game show host Chuck Woolery. While Woods will fire away at liberals with wicked sarcasm on Twitter all day, Woolery has taken it to another level with a website called "Blunt Force Truth" (gotta love the name.) You'll find podcasts and weekly wrap ups of Chuck's minute-long commentaries. He hosts the site with a guy named Mark Young, an advertising executive from Michigan. The topics and interviews are very different than what you'll find on most talk radio shows and in newspaper columns. There are often more than two sides to every story, and you'll find the other sides here. Along with the stories the mainstream media ignores since it doesn't fit the "liberal narrative."

So, of course when I released my latest book "The Deplorables' Guide to Fake News" I figured I'd write to these guys and send them a copy. A short time later Mark contacted me, asking me to be a guest on the weekly podcast.

Now in more than 30 years in the news business, I've been interviewed twice. Once on NYC radio for this book a few weeks ago, and once years ago by a kid from a high school newspaper who wanted to be a reporter. (I told him, "run like hell.")

So the prospect of doing a one hour interview was something very different. I certainly didn't expect any gotcha questions, as we were going to discuss fake news and all the tricks media people play on what used to be an unsuspecting public.

The result was a terrific discussion with two guys who really have their fingers on the pulse of conservative issues and are very well versed in current events... especially those events ignored by the mainstream media. It was clear they are very passionate about their political beliefs and were very interested in talking with someone who has worked on the inside. They had great questions and it made for a very interesting interview. In fact, after we were done I was thinking a lot of the Sunday morning network talk show hosts could learn a thing or two from Chuck and Mark... how to turn an interview of a conservative into a conversation instead of the usual inquisition. The hour flew by.

If you'd like to check out the podcast, you can do so here:

By the way, I'm using my pen name, Nick Harlow, for this book as I write all my political novels with this name.

Thanks to Chuck and Mark for inviting me and making me feel welcome. And, of course, for the work they do in getting the truth out when so-called journalists don't bother to cover stories that make liberals look bad.

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