Sunday, November 18, 2007

Monday's story ideas

Veterans medical coverage. We continue to hear horror stories of vets who are obviously disabled but cannot get the benefits they deserve from the VA. It is truly the war at home for these brave souls. Spotlight a vet in your market.

Auto sales at lowest point since 1992. Is it high gas prices? High car prices? Cars not getting enough mileage?

Health story. Obese women have a higher risk of having the babies die shortly after childbirth.

Diesel gas prices. Diesel used to be cheaper... why does it cost more than regular gasoline. (And that's why food prices aren't getting any lower either.)

Supermarkets are selling reusable canvas bags. (At least the one I shop at is doing so, for a buck.) Are grocery shoppers taking advantage of this to go green at the grocery store?

Check local charities. When the economy is down, people cut back on donations. Are any charities hurting when it comes to helping people for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving preps. We all know shoppers go nuts on Friday... might be interesting to see how stores are preparing.

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