Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday's story ideas

Perjury. Yesterday we heard a Congressman say that just because you lie under oath doesn't mean you can be charged with it. What exactly is perjury and how hard is it to prove?

Government checks. Most people don't know those checks the feds will be sending out are just advances on your tax refund for next year. Yep, you're spending your own money.

Green windows. My latest trip to Home Depot told me there are so many kinds of windows I need a consumer report to figure out which ones are the most energy efficient.

Valentines Day chocolates. Dark chocolate is supposed to be "healthier" so show your viewers the different kinds of chocolate and their nutritional value.

Microsoft announces a shortage of X-Boxes. Oh my, will kids have to actually go outside and play?

What's negotiable? Furniture, jewelry, all sort of stuff. As the economy continues to slump, will stores turn into car lots?

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