Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday's story ideas

Superdelegates. Explain what they are and talk to the ones in your market about the Democratic convention.

Delta and Northwest could merge in a few weeks. What does this do to your local airport?

Blackberry outage. How dependent are people on wireless emails?

HGH effect on women. With the allegations that Roger Clemens wife may have taken the stuff, what can it do to women?

Postal rates to go up again. Let the run on "forever" stamps begin.

Lie detectors. They're part of a hit game show, but how do they work and how accurate are they?

Valentine's Day gifts for men. Women get flowers, candy, jewelry, pajama grams, teddy bear grams (can you tell I had sports radio on today?) and just about every other gram you can think of. So what's a good gift for a guy and what are the hot sellers, if any?

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