Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday's story ideas

Oh, you'll love this. There's something called a "check valve" in gas pumps that can actually malfunction and give you a lot less gas than you're paying for. Check with the people who inspect gas pumps and put those seals on them.

Tax rebate checks will start arriving early on Monday.

Consumers are turning off their land lines and going completely with cell phones. (But if you have a security system in your home, you generally need a land line.)

Nancy Pelosi calls for the government to stop stockpiling oil for emergency reserves and give consumers a break. Check with members of Congress from your market.

The "Wii Diet" will hit store shelves as Nintendo will introduce attachments that lets users measure body mass and do things like yoga.

Apparently the state of Texas charges you an extra fee for your marriage license if you don't go through a course on relationships. What sort of education is available in your market for people about to take the plunge?

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