Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday's story ideas

Taxes due tomorrow. Go over last minute deductions, ways to e-file, how to protect yourself from identity thieves.

"Record store day" is coming on the 19th. Good old fashioned stores that sell music will give out free stuff in an effort to acquaint the download generation with another way to buy tunes.

Trans fats shown to have a connection with breast cancer. Show viewers how to shop, and what fast foods contain these.

Will parents finally restrict their kids computer usage in light of the Florida attack video? And is there a way for them to block the uploading of videos?

Grocery stores are selling canvas bags, hoping customers will re-use them instead of taking paper and plastic.

Pre-washed produce. Often the process doesn't get the germs from the inside leaves on things like lettuce. What's the best way to make sure your food is as germ free as possible?

Nursing homes are writing arbitration clauses into their contracts in order to cut down on lawsuits over the quality of care.

Some states are writing new regulations regarding the use of stun guns.

Term limits on legislators is being discussed in some states.

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