Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday's story ideas

Shortage of staples? (Basic food items, not office supplies.) With some stores rationing things like rice, what's next? (And so much for the Atkins diet.) Might check with some people who lived thru rationing during World War II and find out what it was like.

Gas rationing ahead? There was gas rationing in some states in 1973 & 1979, with limits on how much you could buy. In some cases you could only buy gas on odd and even days, depending on the last digit of your license plate.

Stocking up. With food prices so high, are those warehouse clubs doing big business with people stocking up on bargains?

Zero population growth. With food shortages and global warming, is anyone considering dealing with overpopulation? This was a popular concept years ago that faded away.

Will chauffeuring kids around all the time become a thing of the past? Will kids start riding bikes again?

Growing your own food. What are the easiest things to grow in your market?

Foreclosures and property tax. With people bailing out of homes, municipalities are getting less in tax. How are they cutting costs?

Cereals marketed to children tend to be the unhealthiest on the market.

Tipping. We already know people are dining out less, but are those who still do cutting back on tips? How are waiters and waitresses faring?

Teaching kids about finances. As families cut back (perhaps saying "no" for the first time to their kids) are children being taught any life skills about money management?

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joey flash said...

i pitched your tipping story three times without a green light. now that tv news grapevine has added legitimacy to my idea, i'll pitch it again and hope for the best...