Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's story ideas

Cell phones for soldiers. I ordered a book from Amazon and it arrived along with a mailer asking me to send in my old cell phone to be fixed and passed on to a soldier. Talk to local vets and find out what they're doing along these lines... and maybe find one back from the war to talk about how nice it is to call home.

This one is actually pretty funny. Beer drinkers are bypassing more expensive brews, while sales of the cheap swill are up.

Explain the commodities market. Many feel that oil prices are simply due to speculation.

Congress passes farm bill. What does it mean to those in your market? (It also includes an increase for food stamps.)

Many women are now getting MRIs instead of mammograms to detect breast cancer.

There are not enough VA therapists available to assist soldiers returning from war. Some are waiting two months for an appointment.

Gay marriage. What's the deal in your state in light of the California ruling?

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