Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday's story ideas

It's Cinco de Mayo. How about a little history piece on what that means?

Gas tax rollback. Where does the money for federal gas tax actually go? Then do the math for a regular consumer and a trucker and find out how much each would save this summer.

The science of political polls. We get a new one everyday, based on an incredibly small sample. How do these work? And how are the questions phrased? Talk to a few pollsters and a stats professor.

Switch from plastic bottles to cans. It's a lot easier to recycle cans and you can sell them. Only a few states recycle plastic bottles, and plastic lasts forever in a landfill. Are people making the switch?

New student loan legislation working its way thru Congress. What would it mean to the average student?

School is almost out. Will more kids be looking for jobs due to the economy, and will there be any to be had?

The EPA proposes new legislation to limit lead in the air.

"Payday lenders" are people who offer short term loans for high interest rates. (In my old neighborhood they were known as loan sharks.) Some states are looking into the legality of these businesses.

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