Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday's story ideas

Stockpiling staples as an investment. With the stock market a little dicey and banks paying next to nothing, you can "invest" in things you're going to use in the future. For instance, if you see toothpaste on sale, buy a ton of it. It's not gonna go bad, the price is only going to increase, and you are in effect getting a solid return on your investment. Make a list of other non-perishable staples for consumers.

Selling stuff on the Internet. Ebay is the most popular, but there are other places like Craigslist that might not be as big but are free. Show your viewers the best and/or cheapest way to unload merchandise.

People trying to trade SUVs are finding care dealers offering very little when it comes to trade-ins. What's the best way to sell a car yourself?

Flu vaccine manufacturers are making record numbers of doses for this winter, but will people want them because last year's vaccine was useless?

Postage goes up today. Producers might make a graphic showing the increases for things other than first class mail. And can we expect another quick increase down the road due to transportation costs?

As the school year comes to an end, more systems are seriously considering a four day week next year to cut costs.

The state of Texas may take legal action against to collect sales taxes, since the bookseller has a distribution point in the state. What's the actual rule in your state regarding sales taxes on the net? And will more states see this as a source of revenue?

Recycling cell phones. This could become more popular as the devices apparently contain elements like gold and copper.

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