Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday's story ideas

Prices of tires are going up as well, so many drivers are "extending" the life on heir current ones. In other words, we have a lot of people driving around on bald tires.

Hospitals are changing the way they staff the overnight shift, putting actual people on staff instead of just having doctors on call. Studies show there are more deaths and complications in hospitals at night.

Workers who complain about descrimination in the work place can now take legal action against employers if there is any retaliation from management.

Foreclosure scams are becoming more prevalent, such as people charging fees to negotiate with lenders and then just taking off. Check with officials in your market to find out which ones are being used locally.

Many states looking at raising tobacco tax to make up for shortfalls.

US Air to cut out free snacks on flights. Seems like a painless way for airlines to save money.

Living in the sunbelt and tired of high air conditioning costs? Paint your house white. Show which colors absorb the most heat and which ones reflect it.

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