Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday's story ideas

Chrysler's gas freeze tactic. The car maker is offering deals that will allow you to buy gas at $2.99 for three years if you buy a new car. Or you can take a rebate. Interesting.

Feature: high cost of copper has the mint thinking about making pennies out of steel. Do people really care about pennies? You might visit a bank and get them to run a bunch through a coin counter.

Prescription wars. Many pharmacies now promoting three month prescriptions at significant savings. But in many cases, Medicare won't allow more than one month.

Food programs for the needy. What are the options for those who can't afford food anymore?

Medical identity thefts. People are stealing medical records, then making fake claims to insurance companies.

Saving money on your cell phone upgrade. My cell died after three years so I went shopping for a new one, and was told there was an $18 "upgrade fee." When I asked what it was for, I was told, "It's a fee." "How about waiving it?" I asked. "OK," said the woman. Apparently if you've never been late on your bill, companies will waive the fee.

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