Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday's story ideas

Book your airline tickets for summer travel now, as carriers are expected to slap more fuel surcharges on their tickets.

"Large particle" pollution. What is it, and why does it send seniors to the hospital?

Banning the use of hand held cell phones could save thousands of lives each year. If this is not the law in your market, ask your legislators why it isn't.

As congress tries to regulate the cigarette industry, menthol is apparently untouchable even though it is an ingredient many see as a key to addiction. Talk to your congressional reps.

Speaking of coffin nails, many drugstore chains will no longer sell them.

Events that attract RV's such as NASCAR aren't seeing the gas guzzlers very much these days. (And is there anything less green in this country than auto racing?)

Government red tape for those in wheelchairs. One girl in NYC has been stuck at home for a month while her chair waits repair approval. What takes so long for people who desperately need fast results?

Real life archaeologists. With Indiana Jones around the corner, show viewers what it is really like to hunt for ancient artifacts.

Old fashioned clotheslines are "in" again as people look to cut back on power usage and go green. Since clothes dryers use a lot of juice, sales of lines and clothespins are up.

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