Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday's story ideas

Rainy day funds. States may have to use these to balance budgets. Does your state have one and how much is in the account?

The TSA is conducting a test that will allow pilots to bypass traditional screening. Would this make it easier for a terrorist to pose as a pilot?

Check with animal shelters to see how they're doing. The summer sees lots of animals dropped off, and the price of pet food has gone up.

Telecommuting. Will businesses let employees work from home, and would employees take a pay cut to do so?

Thanks to all the wars around the world, hunters are finding the cost of ammo is going up considerably.

Congress is negotiating with cell phone companies to reduce those ridiculous cancellation fees. This particularly becomes a problem when you move to another state and find your phone can't get a signal.

Brain tumors. What are the warning signs? (You have plenty of b-roll with Ted Kennedy.)

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