Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday's story ideas

Student loans are being affected during the credit crisis. What will kids do if they can't get a loan?

"Staycation" is the new term for staying home and being a tourist in your own town. (Also a euphemism for "I don't feel like paying a small fortune to drive the kids to Disney World this summer.") Show viewers some little known tourist attractions in their own backyard.

There are now a record number (more than seven million) of people in the criminal justice system. What are states doing to deal with the increasing cost?

Detoxification diets. What's safe, and what's risky? Talk to a doctor and a nutritionist.

The Supreme Court is considering a ruling as to whether child abuse investigations violate parents' rights to raise their children any way they see fit.

More teenagers are getting plastic surgery.

Those Wii systems are being used for medical rehabilitation.

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