Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's story ideas

I really like this story.... food banks are asking gardeners to donate their extra produce to help feed the hungry.

The supreme court gun ruling.... what does it mean in your market? And how easy is it to get a gun?

Highway deaths are down significantly. Is this due to people driving slower and new hands-free cell phone laws?

Thrift stores are getting more popular as people cut spending. And for those of you working Saturday, garage sales are everywhere as people look for a few extra bucks in the attic.

Cholesterol lowering vitamins. What makes them different and do they really work?

Real estate bribes. Another good story for you weekend warriors. Some people trying to sell homes are offering free gifts (bottles of wine) to anyone who tours the home.

Very cool feature. Check out and find out what you'd look like with plastic surgery. Could make for a hilarious standup.

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