Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday's story ideas

Tuning up your home air conditioning. Cars aren't the only thing using a ton of energy. Show consumers how they can improve the efficiency of their a/c. Even planting shade trees near the unit can help. Talk to an expert.

Speaking of keeping cool... and warm.... geothermal systems are hot with new construction. Show how they work and what you can save.

Amber alerts for senior citizens is being considered, as older people with Alzheimer's or dementia can occasionally wander off.

According to the plastic surgery industry, more guys are opting for liposuction. Be tasteful with your b-roll on this one.

Study shows that few Americans are "health literate." What exactly does that mean?

Dickering with hotels. With people cutting back on vacations, how can you get bargain rates and sleep cheap this summer?

Confusing cell phone bills. Consumers apparently don't understand charges they can incur by downloading ringtones from outside companies.

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