Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday's story ideas

The government wants you to quit smoking... well, at least in some areas. Some states are sponsoring tobacco cessation programs.

Proof that obsessive parenting is getting out of hand: some states are introducing legislation to protect umpires and referees from abuse by parents. "Assault on a sports official" will soon become a crime.

Today is the last presidential primary day. Check with the superdelegates in your market to get the mood.

Supermarket markdowns. I've noticed there seem to be more things near their expiration date (meat in particular) in supermarkets that have markdown stickers slapped on them. In light of rising Spam sales (not making that up) are people simply giving up more traditional items?

Child marriages: what are the laws in your market, and what is the age of legal consent in your market?

Tax credits for energy saving home improvements. Run down the list of items that carry credits and show people how they can save now and get a break next April 15th.

FYI, for those of you who sent comments yesterday but didn't see them, well, the "post comment" feature wasn't working...it simply rejected everything.

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