Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday's story ideas

Flood insurance. What's covered in the average homeowners policy, and where can you get coverage pertaining to floods?

Families are canceling vacations. Might be interesting to talk to a psychologist on how to break the news to a generation that has never heard the word "no" from parents. Also might find good ways to teach kids to save and cut back.

Attack of the killer tomatoes. Salmonella outbreak has put a crimp into many food establishments.

Photo IDs when you don't drive anymore. Where can seniors get them since so many organizations and businesses require them now?

What ever happened to the gas tax holiday? Talk to your member of Congress.

I love this story... older war veterans are now counseling younger ones returning from the Middle East.

Has your tax rebate check not shown up? If you owed back taxes to the state, it might have been seized.

"Green collar" jobs. What opportunities are out there for those who want to earn a living by saving the environment?

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