Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Gravevine's on Amazon Kindle

Well, a couple of you recently asked if the blog was available via Amazon Kindle. That's the reading device that lets people download books instantly. It's becoming very popular as readers like the instant delivery system and the ecological benefits. Curiously, it's a big seller among people of my generation who suffer from arthritis in their hands, as you don't have to turn pages.

However, I had no idea that blogs could be delivered this way. So I followed the incredibly simple directions on Amazon and poof! The Grapevine is now available on Kindle. Right here.

Please note that this service isn't free, though it's pretty cheap. And you can try it out free for two weeks. Full disclosure: The Grape does receive royalties on this as a percentage of the subscription fees.

Of course the blog will always remain free via the internet, so nothing will change there. But for those of you who wanted to drag me kicking and screaming into the electronic age, well, I admit this one makes sense.

I still, however, refuse to twitter.

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