Monday, July 6, 2009

Writing exercise

(Reposted by request)

Okay, I thought I'd share a few exercises that will help you stretch your creative abilities a little and make your writing a little more interesting.

Assignment one: Take five of our most recent package scripts. Then I want you to re-write them, but you are not allowed to use the words "is" "are" or "was."

Sounds easy until you try it.

Example: George Bush is a conservative President, and he is supported by the religious right.
Re-written: George Bush represents a conservative viewpoint, his views echoed by evangelicals.

By the time you're done with five scripts you'll start to see your copy in a different light. It will sound smarter and flow better. If you want to take this even deeper, refrain from using any form of the verb, "to be."

Assignment two: You've heard of writing into your sound bites? I want you to write out of a piece of nat sound. Same deal, take your last five packages. (If you don't use nat sound, you'd better start.)

Example: Nat sound of train roaring thru town. "Citizens of Anytown have been living along these tracks for years. But now regular train service in the middle of the night is keeping them up."

Re-written: Nat sound of train roaring thru town. "Imagine hearing THAT at three AM every morning. It's no wonder the residents of Anytown are cranky when it comes to the subject of the new middle of the night train schedule.

Sound is just as important as pictures and copy. Weaving it seamlessly into your script will help your packages move more smoothly, and add another element.

Good luck. There will be a test later.

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