Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Current events test

Okay, boys and girls, time for a pop quiz. If you've been paying attention, you'll do fine. Miss any of these questions, and you're not reading enough.

1. The Post Office is losing money. (I know, what a shocker.) What long time service might be cut?

2. Former President Clinton recently traveled to what country to facilitate the release of two prisoners?

3. What's the name of the newest member of the Supreme Court?

4. Before Nancy Pelosi, how many women have held the position of Speaker of the House?

5. Name a current governor who has admitted to having an extramarital affair. (Give yourself bonus points if you get more than one.)

6. Which NFL team signed Michael Vick?

7. What's the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

8. What's the most money you can get for trading in a clunker?

9. What is the "Passengers Bill of Rights?"

10. Name the two guests at the White House "Beer Summit."

Bonus pop culture question: Who is A-Rod's current girlfriend?


Kelly said...

My boyfriend and I just took your quiz (reminiscent of current events quizzes from college). He got 7 1/2 points and I only got 4... and I'M the one that works in news! (Pathetic, I know... but I DIRECT the news, so I plead my case).

-The Grape said...
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-The Grape said...

Ah, but directors must pay attention as well, so when you accidentally run wrong video or graphics you'll recognize it quickly.

Maybe instead of tossing your script after the newscast you should read it.

Michael said...

Too easy, Grape. However, I couldn't name A-rod's g-friend. No bonus. Guess I should read more People Magazines.

-The Grape said...

Okay, the next test will be harder.

A-Rod is dating Kate Hudson. At least for this week.

You find all sorts of useless info when you read the New York papers every day.