Monday, September 28, 2009

Age is a state of mind, and in the current state, nobody minds

I see a lot of comments on various boards ripping the industry for hiring young people to work in major markets. Most of this is of course based on jealousy, and the people posting fail to realize how much the business has changed.

Time that those of you looking for jobs realized it as well.

Back in the day you'd need ten years experience to get a network or major market job. Now? Fuhgeddaboudit. Here's what you need in 2009:

-Lots of potential
-A good head on your shoulders
-Willingness to work cheap

And while that last one is a big factor, you're not going to get a great job without the other three.

I've had many clients under 25 crack big markets. Each had the four qualities I mentioned. And don't be jealous, they all had a ton of talent and were exceptionally mature for their ages. (At one station we used to joke that the 19 year old intern was more mature than some of the anchors.)

So don't be surprised when you get interest from big markets even though you've only been in the business for awhile. If you're good, you're good. And don't be afraid to apply to big markets either.

If you see someone your age with a terrific job and wonder, "Why not me?" well, the answer might be that the person sent a tape and you didn't.

Trust me, there are no rules anymore. You don't have to pay a ton of dues anymore.

Your dream job is closer than you think.

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