Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The harder current events test

Okay, I got a bunch of emails after the last test, telling me it was way too easy and not at all challenging.

So the gloves are off today. 20 questions, five points each. There's also a bonus question. And there's some basic history and social studies thrown in.

Post your grades in the comment section... if you dare.

1. We all know the Speaker of the House is third in line for the Presidency in the order of succession. Who is fourth in line?

2. Who is the Justice who has been a member of the Supreme Court the longest?

3. Which state has the only Governor who is legally blind?

4. What is the capital of Afghanistan?

5. What was Kathleen Sebelius position before she was appointed as Secretary of Health and Human Services?

6. Whose terms always expire during mid-term election years?

7. Which two previous Presidents have made speeches to the nation's schoolchildren via television?

8. Name the "Green Jobs Czar" who resigned over the weekend and the document he previously signed which caused a great deal of controversy.

9. Explain the "trigger" option being discussed in Congress regarding health care.

10. Ted Kennedy eventually held JFK's Senate seat, but he was not the person appointed when John Kennedy left the Senate in 1960 after becoming President. What was the reason Teddy could not be appointed to the seat?

11. What is the name of the original producer of 60 Minutes who just passed away?

12. Which NFL team signed Michael Vick?

13. What is the minimum speed at which a storm can be classified as a hurricane?

14. How much money did the government spend on the "Cash for Clunkers" program?

15. Which former Boston Red Sox player is considering a run for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat?

16. Which member of Obama's cabinet also served under George W. Bush?

17. Who has been named to succeed Charles Gibson at ABC?

18. Name at least two members of the "Gang of Six."

19. Explain the concept of "cap and trade."

20. What is the official name of the swine flu?

Bonus question: There are nine Supreme Court Justices. Give yourself one point for each one you can name.


BeauBerman said...

Score: 61 points

turdpolisher said...

57. not bad for one of them uneducated camera monkeys.