Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random thoughts: I got your global warming right here

-Now I'm all for saving the environment and try my best to recycle everything. I walk to the drugstore when the weather is nice instead of driving. But when you live two miles from the Florida border and the thermometer reads 12 degrees, when there's ice in the driveway, when I have to dig out my upstate New York wardrobe... well, maybe it's time for a story or two on weather cycles and mini-ice ages. Those stuck for a package might hit the local weather service.

-If you want to know how to conduct a long-form interview, check out the MLB network's interview last night of Mark McGwire. Bob Costas did a nice job of listening, then following up. He also knew when to shut up and let the natural sound of McGwire sniffling carry some weight in the interview. (Yes, you can have nat sound during a sound bite.) Pausing and letting McGwire twitch while his voice cracked was a good example of listening rather than waiting to speak, and also letting the video do the talking when McGwire was not.

-Is it just me, or is Morgan Freeman mispronouncing Katie Couric's last name during the CBS Evening News intro?

-If you've ever had some yahoo stick his face in your live shot, check out photobomb.com. You're not alone.

-A few clients have recently gotten job offers that come without contracts. Hopefully this will become a trend, and it shows some real outside-the-box-thinking by News Directors who have figured out this is a good idea.

-If you're ever asked to call a News Director in regard to a job opening, don't sound scared. Use your normal reporter voice. I'm amazed at how afraid some people sound when they call me for advice for the first time. News Directors are people, just like you. (Although in many cases I admit that's a real stretch.)

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