Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Got a guy who won't leave you alone? Put a ring on it


I'm a female reporter in my first job. I'm trying to be professional but one of the officials on my beat keeps hitting on me. I've tried telling him I have a boyfriend and want to keep our relationship professional but that doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

Ah, the downside of being a single attractive woman on local TV. This has happened to many of the women with whom I've worked.

That old "I have a boyfriend" excuse didn't work when I was single and never will. You have to realize that most single men, especially those under 30, don't understand when they're getting brushed off. Many think the "boyfriend excuse" is a polite turndown, and deep down think there really isn't a boyfriend in the picture... so they keep trying.

A couple of things you can do:

-Get a male friend (preferably one with a deep voice) to record your message for your home telephone number. Then if the guy calls, he'll hear a male voice saying, "Hi, you've reached John and Jane, we're not here right now."

-Go to a pawn shop and buy a zircon engagement ring. Saying you have a boyfriend is one thing, but when a man sees a diamond ring on a woman's finger (trust me, we can't tell the difference between real and fake) he'll finally have a Hello, McFly moment and realize he's wasting his time.

Years ago someone asked me what was the first thing I noticed about a woman. I said, "Left hand." If there was a ring, it was a waste of time. Most guys probably feel the same way.

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