Monday, June 21, 2010

The third annual "take a photog to lunch" week

UNDATED-- Television news photographers around the country went home for dinner tonight, but many weren't hungry. The reason? They were treated to a great lunch by a reporter this afternoon.

"Take a photog to lunch week" was launched three years ago when a reporter realized he'd get better video if he treated his photog like a human being. Reporter Dick Goodhair shocked Chief Photog Rick Lenscap when he said he wanted to eat lunch in an actual restaurant. When Goodhair reached for the check, Lenscap was so amazed he passed out and did a header into his apple pie.

Since that date the annual recognition of photogs is growing exponentially. Across the country fast food drive-thrus reported a ten percent decrease in business during last year's observation of the week. Reporters around the country burned up websites with tales of grumpy photogs suddenly pulling things like umbrella lighting out of the newscar.

"I had no idea I could look this good," said consumer reporter Carmen Denominator. "For seven bucks I got a great package that will be first on my resume tape."

Photogs say they appreciate the thought, even though it is a thinly veiled bribe. "It's nice to spend a week not wiping ketchup off the steering wheel," said one photog.

The rules for observing the festival are simple: Reporters and anchors must treat a photog to lunch, and the lunch must be eaten in a restaurant while seated at a table.


Kimberly said...

Guess I should treat myself to lunch sometime this week then Grape!

-The Grape said...

If I run into you covering the oil spill, my treat!