Friday, September 17, 2010

Pop quiz

It's Friday so sharpen your pencils and take your seats. Twenty questions, dad's rules apply. (In other words, the answers will not be given at the end of this quiz. "If you don't know the answer," as my dad would say, "look it up.")

1. Name the newest member of the Supreme Court.

2. Who just resigned as Mayor of Chicago?

3. What do the letters "CBS" stand for? (If you work at a CBS affiliate and get that one wrong, deduct five extra points.)

4. What is a "bond issue?"

5. Name a hurricane or tropical storm that is currently active.

6. Name any actor who recently won an Emmy award.

7. What does "IFB" stand for?

8. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean is a doctor. What kind of medicine did he practice?

9. What team won last year's Super Bowl?

10. The show "Mad Men" is set in the 1960's. What does "Mad" stand for?

11. How many men have walked on the moon?

12. Who played Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek?

13. What's the difference between a State Representative and a member of the US House of Representatives?

14. What state is Joe Biden from?

15. Which NFL team is under investigation for possible improper behavior toward a female reporter?

16. What executive from World Wrestling Entertainment is running for the US Senate?

17. What number makes up a "baker's dozen?"

18. Who is the author of the Harry Potter series of books?

19. Who succeeded Tony Blair?

20. Finally, what book are you reading now? If the answer is none, pick one up and start.

Pencils down. How'd you do?

80-100: Excellent! You're well rounded in current events, pop culture, sports and history.

60-80: Not bad. You could probably read a little more, and make sure you read every section of the newspaper.

40-60: On the bubble. You work in the news business but don't spend enough time on stories other than your own.

20-40: In case you didn't know, there was history before 1990.

0-20: Get out of the business and run for public office.


1 comment:

Melinda Davenport said...

I would be kicked out of the state if I didn't know number eight.