Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stats that blew my mind

Hard to believe this blog has been around almost three years. I've often wondered about the people who read it; especially those who send in anonymous questions.

Who are these guys?

Last week I noticed the blogging service had added a button to my account called "stats." Now there was already a thing that told me how many people visited the site without getting a RSS feed (whatever that is) so I had a ballpark idea of the size of the audience.

What I didn't know was where the audience was.

But now the "stats" page told me.

I figured 99 percent of visitors were from the United States. Wow, was I ever wrong.

Check out a list of other countries that house visitors to this blog:

United Kingdom

Okay, that's not far fetched. I've had a few emails from people in those countries. Here's what really surprised me:

Hong Kong
Burundi (full disclosure: I had to break out the atlas)
South Korea

Are you kidding me? Is there some producer out there using some tricks while putting together Latvia Tonight? Might there be a reporter who is using more nat sound while putting together packages for the Swedish version of Nightline? Or are the underpaid reporters in this country taking exotic vacations and logging in from the Outback?

Well, whoever you are, I want to hear from you. Seriously, if you're reading this outside the US, drop me a line at and let me know a little about you and what you're doing in the TV industry.


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DejaKnight said...

Don't be surprised if you notice lots of Alabama kids are reading! I emailed my broadcasting professors about this blog and now all the TCF students at University of Alabama are reading :)