Monday, November 1, 2010

Election eve: Thanks for the bailout, because the rent really IS too damn high

Last year I jokingly posted a request to Nancy Pelosi asking Congress for a bailout of the broadcast industry.

Indirectly, they gave it to us.

Remember a year ago when everything you read about television was doom and gloom, how the news business was going to be dead in the very near future?

Well, thanks to the politicians in this country, that's no longer true. It is estimated that politicians and those who wish to influence voters spent 4.2 billion dollars in TV ads this year.

You read that right. Four-point-two billion. Talk about a bailout.

So years from now, historians will look back and talk about 2010, and how one group saved the industry. How a bunch of people wanting control produced television ads trumpeting their integrity while calling their opponents a bunch of slimeballs. Who knew that setting the bar lower than ever could save us?

Isn't America great?

But it's almost time to start worrying again, because next near there are no Congressional elections.

So we need another bailout. Because stations probably didn't pass any of that multi-billion dollar windfall on to its employees. Maybe this time the bailout could be for starving reporters who live in apartments.

Because... wait for it... the rent is STILL too damn high.


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