Monday, November 15, 2010

Please shoot enough b-roll. I'm begging you.

During one of my trips last month I was staying in a hotel, and, as I often do, I checked out the local newscasts. This was not an entry level market, so what I saw rather amazed me.

One package in particular was moving along when I saw some b-roll repeated. And then it happened again. Three times in one package. Inexcusable.

Later in the newscast there was a long voiceover. Same deal. B-roll repeated three times.

Yeah, that's what viewers want. Video on an infinite loop.

The other trick I've seen a few times (since non-linear editing makes it so easy) is b-roll in slow motion. Don't have enough cover shots? Slow down the ones you've got.

And I know photogs aren't doing this. Shooters always make sure they have plenty of video.

So I'm likely talking to those of you who are one man bands. If you've run into this situation even once, you need to get into the habit of shooting more b-roll than you currently shoot. When you're on a story and you think you've shot enough, shoot some more. If there aren't many video choices, shoot a sequence, or shoot the same thing wide-medium-tight.

There are no excuses for repeating b-roll. It makes you and the station look lazy.


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Anonymous said...

This is a bit off topic, actually very off topic...I hear most companies don't hire during the holiday months, is this true for the News Business as well?