Wednesday, September 21, 2011

29-cent feedback

One of my clients reminded me of something I used to do when I was shopping for a job. I'd actually forgotten about it. (When Sicilians get older, we only remember the grudges.)

Anyway, back in the day those 3/4" tapes used to get returned most of the time. You could pop them in the deck and find out where the ND stopped watching. But since tapes and DVDs now go to the great landfill, there's no way of knowing what the ND thought of you if you don't hear anything.

Ah, but sometimes there is.

What my client reminded me of was the old postcard trick.

Here's the deal. You put a self-addressed 29 cent postcard in the package along with your tape/DVD, resume and cover letter. On the back of the postcard you politely ask for feedback. It might read something like this:

Dear ND,

Thanks for taking the time to watch my resume tape. If you have a minute, I'd appreciate any suggestions and feedback you might have.


(Your name)

Then leave the bottom of the card blank.

This makes it real easy for a ND to respond. All he has to do is jot down a line or two and put it in the outgoing mail slot. It's easier than sending an email, and with an email you end up getting in a back and forth discussion, which you don't want.

I did this when I was a reporter and was surprised how many NDs responded. Don't know what your response will be, since past performance is no indication of future returns, as they say on those investment commercials.

But hey, for 29 cents, it's worth a shot.

By the way, tune in tomorrow for a special announcement.



Melissa said...

Speaking of feedback - You mentioned in an earlier blog post that once you reached 100 followers, you would give a free critique... and since I reminded you of this, then it might as well be me! Right!?

But, it could cost me about $7.99, because I would even buy your book!

-The Grape said...

Well, considering it was so long ago that I'd forgotten about it and you were spunky enough to call me on it, you win!

That particular free critique includes your whole tape, resume, cover letter, phone call.

You still have to buy a book.

Anyway, contact me with a return email. Look forward to working with you.