Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Setting goals for 2012

I know, most of you only have one. "Find a new job."

But achieving that goal takes many steps. Sure, you can send out one tape and get lucky, but in most cases moving up the ladder is a process. Just because you have three good packages and a decent montage doesn't mean you're going anywhere.

The problem is that many young people are so focused on finding those resume tape stories they forget about the day-to-day job of reporting...and taking your eye off the ball can make you miss what could be the story that gets you...wait for it...outta Dodge.

If you do your best every day, the resume tape stories will magically appear.

But you need a set of goals to make those resume tape stories routine. If you're serious about moving on, and I know most of you are, here are the goals you need to set for 2012:

-I will treat every story as if the News Director at the station I want to work for is watching. Even if I receive a horrible assignment, I will go all out and treat it as if it is the last story I will ever do.

-I will pitch at least one enterprise story every day. I will treat looking for enterprise stories as part of my daily routine, even on off days.

-I will look beyond the two sides of the story for the third angle to make my story unique. I will never do a package with a single-source sound bite unless it is a profile piece.

-I will do a creative standup in every story. (Funerals are the exception.)

-I will write to my video and turn a clever phrase when it is appropriate.

-I will use nat sound and creative editing in every story.

-If I am shooting my own video I will always use a tripod.

-If I am working with a photog I will ask for his input as to how the story might be covered.

-I will dress professionally for every story that requires it.

-I will watch reporters and anchors from other markets and networks to get ideas on how to improve my own skills.

-Finally, I will send tapes to any station, whether or not it has an opening, regardless of my experience.



Anonymous said...

My news director said he would rather I not do standups for the stories that I front live. I'm ashamed to say that I have no problem with that because it's one less thing for me to think about as a one man band. But what am I supposed to do when I need standups for a resume tape? Use teases and live shots?

-The Grape said...

Well, you have to abide by the rules of your newsroom.

You can certainly use live shots in your standup montage, but surely you have a few standups for packages in which you don't have a live shot.