Thursday, January 5, 2012

The 2012 interview wardrobe

I thought I'd help you get the jump on job hunting since you all probably made New Years resolutions to get the hell out of Dodge.

Anyway, this just in: the outfits people are wearing for job interviews this year:

-polo shirts
-khaki pants
-white tee shirts visible under the polo shirts

I've come up with this list because just a few days into the new year, this is what I'm seeing on various local news stations. Oh, yes, wrinkled clothes are encouraged as well, so throw away your steam iron and ironing board.

You know that old saying about being in sweeps every day? Well, you guys are on a job interview every day. Today might be the day you knock out a great resume tape piece, or have your best live shot... and there you are, on camera, dressed like you're gonna mow the lawn.

Most of the problem lies with the men. While we are notorious for hating clothes shopping, there's no excuse for not wearing a decent shirt and tie. If, back in the day, I'd dressed like some reporters I saw this week, my News Director would have sent me home to change.

Just as you're in sweeps every day, you're on a job interview every day. You never know who's watching, what stories will end up on the feed, what pieces will go on your resume tape or when you might end up doing something for the network.

You wouldn't wear a tee shirt and jeans to a real job interview, so why do it on camera?



Anonymous said...

Oh jeez grape, please say you didn't write this because you saw me on TV last week.

-The Grape said...

You never know. It seems every market has reporters who channel their inner slobs.

beckalee87 said...

I've had shoots where I was specifically asked to wear "jeans and boots" because they were at a military training camp where there was a lot of brush.

I agree that reporters should wear dress clothes most of the time, but don't you think there are stories where you dress for the situation? I would feel silly being too dressed up if I were shooting a story on a farm.

-The Grape said...

Well, obviously you don't dress up for a farm story. But I'm just seeing too many "formal" stories with reporters dressing way too casual.