Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Job Hunting Guide

Over the years the topics on this blog have pretty much centered on three subjects: finding a job, being a better journalist, and dealing with office politics. One of the most common comments I've received over the years about this blog has been, "This stuff isn't in any textbook."

Well, it is now.

I have put together a book which hopefully encompasses all those little things about the business that can help you move up the ladder. From package construction to office politics to management Jedi Mind Tricks. The title is "Broadcast Journalism Street Smarts: a 2012 Survival Guide for Today's Television Newsroom." It's not so much a textbook as it is a guide to help you navigate the minefield known as the television news industry. Since those in the business seem to spend half their time looking for another job, it is also a job hunting guide, with plenty of advice and tricks to help you find that next gig.

It is now available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. You can also get really fast service clicking on the Amazon/Createspace link on the right... that's Amazon's publishing house.

Hope you'll check it out and pass the word to your friends and your old J-schools.



Carolyn said...

Just ordered your book-- can't wait to read it!

-The Grape said...

Thanks, Carolyn, hope it helps you move up the ladder...

And don't forget to tell your friends!