Sunday, February 5, 2012

Top ten reasons to root for the Giants

1. Tom Brady has a heated toilet seat. Can you say "high maintenance?"

2. Patriots don't marry and/or date real women. Brady is married to a supermodel, Wes Welker engaged to a Hooters calendar girl, Rob Gronkowski hangs out with a young lady who, shall we say, is not the kind of girl you'd bring home to Mom. Eli Manning married college sweetheart.

3. The Giants are a family organization. Starting guard Chris Snee is married to Coach Tom Coughlin's daughter.

4. Giselle never smiles. Supermodel status, Hall of Fame husband, heated toilet seat, and she still has that barroom death stare force field look that says, "How dare you cast your gaze at me and don't even THINK about asking me to dance."

5. Bill Belichick once quit his job with the New York Jets by writing his resignation letter on a cocktail napkin.

6. Patriots once caught cheating and lost their first round draft choice.

7. Giants had enough class not to bring back Plaxico Burress and/or Tiki Barber.

8. Let's be honest... if the Ravens don't drop a touchdown and shank a field goal attempt, the Patriots aren't even here.

9. The Giants owner's mom chastised Terry Bradshaw on national television.

10. Cruuuuuuuuzzzzzz!


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